Spotted: Penguin (Recession) Books

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And several more… by Standard Designs.

Salon 03: Sneak Preview

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Salon 03 Sketches

Musical interpretation of Room?

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Came across this while working on my document:

From Wikipedia:

“Songwriter and founder of the band Neil Hannon has often claimed that both the film and book had a profound influence on much of his work and cites them as all-time favourites.”


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Three C's

Because when you haven’t read the book, the book doesn’t matter.

Spotted: Penguin Paper!

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Penguin Paper

Via Paper-Source. Apparently Penguin used to use Gill Sans.

Find the difference

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Which of the following doesn’t fit?

  1. Know thyself.
  2. Beauty is chaos.
  3. Only connect….

If you chose “Beauty is chaos,” then you’re absolutely correct! “Know thyself” and “only connect” are actionable themes, whereas “beauty is chaos” is merely a statement—and an incredibly ambiguous and subjective one at that.

The inspiration for this outlier came from page 136, when Lucy tells Charlotte:

‘It makes such a difference when you see a person with beautiful things behind him unexpectedly. It really does; it makes an enormous difference….’

This idea is also supported by an article in The Independent, wherein Jay Merrick writes:

There is no ideal, dictatorial beauty in architecture, nor a precise definition of beauty—our experience of it is often momentary, unexpected, and contradictory. […] Beauty in any form always causes some form of emotional or intellectual chaos.

Nevertheless, a good verb is required. Something to do with muddle, perhaps? (And putting the quotes together for the first time, it becomes apparent that unexpectedness is key.) Whatever the final verbiage, though, the goal tied to this particular theme is to frame guests in momentary vignettes (à la Wes Anderson). Here’s a basic sketch to give you a better idea of what I mean:


Not beautiful yet… but they will be!

Simplify, simplify, simplify!

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